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In the Ancient Naples

In the heart of the ancient Neapolis, near the Decumano Maggiore recognized as UNESCO World Heritage, Limoné is much more than a simple factory of liqueurs: it wants to follow the traditions handed down from generation to generation in order to discover the pleasure of sharing together the traditional and genuine flavours and aromas.

A firm able to bring the traditions in the place where they were born: this was the project when Limoné started its activities. The idea is still the same. Limoné is the place where one can still find genuine and handmade food production as well as the flavours of homemade liqueurs.

Limoncello, creams, rucolino (liqueur with arugula), finocchietto (liqueur with wild fennel), and babà (Napolitan cake), are just some of the products which have given notoriety to our brand. The secret of our success is based on the handmade production as well as on the traditional recipes.

Limoné achieved remarkable results through exceptional attention to the quality of its production, which is world-renowned. This is the reason why Limoné is recommended by the most famous Naples guidebooks (Routard, Lonely Planet, Hachette, Dumont) which strongly suggest to visit our small factory. Limoné started out producing few liqueurs, then inspired by the Neapolitan handmade tradition it introduced other products.

The most famous liqueur is the limoncello, which is prepared following an ancient family recipe.

Our limoncello is made using a particular green lemon called “verdello” with excellent digestive proprieties and which is grown with no chemicals. Each lemon is peeled by hand as it was an homemade process. All the lemons come from Campi Flegrei and the harvest is without chemicals or phytopharmaceutical products.

limoné - bianco e nero

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Apple liqueur

Alcohol, apple, water, natural aromas

Homemade orange marmalade

Orange (79%), sugar


Sugar, water, alcohol, lemon rind

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