Visit the factory


Guided tour to the factory Limoné s.r.l located in Piazza San Gaetano.
A dive in the ancient Neapolis and in the limoncello factory: the Dioscuri’s temple,
the Greek-roman well dominate among the aromas of the lemons from Campi Flegrei

The tour includes:

  • The factory. Tour to the craft factory and explication of the infusion processes with a focus on limoncello.
  • Archeological ruins. The Limoné factory was born within the foundations of the Dioscuri’s temple above the underground tanks of the Greek-roman aqueduct. In such spaces, inhabited by archeological ruins, spirits, legends and history the limoncello factory was born, putting together technological implants, craft methodology finding eventually the roots of the Mediterraneo into the lemon. Finally, the factory tries to deal with the contemporaneity promoting artists and local artisans through thematic exposition.
  • Free tasting. At the end of the visit, you will be offered a limoncello glass and there will be the opportunity to taste other products: jam, chocolate, honey (all of them made with lemon).
  • Itinerary. Guided tour to the craft factory, of the Dioscuri’s temple foundations as well as the Greek-roman well. Narrations of Neapolitan histories and legends, promotion of local artisans and artists.

30 minutes

3 euro
Free entry for guides and children.

Compulsory booking, +39 081299429