Lemon cream


Lemon cream


When the delicacy of milk is combined with the strong taste of the lemon, the result is a velvety cream with refined notes of sweetness and all the benefits of untreated citrus fruit. Our lemon cream comes from a simple recipe, from a few selected ingredients capable of reinventing the most traditional Neapolitan liqueurs with a touch of originality. Excellent as a digestive and perfect in accompanying desserts and aperitifs, it is the ideal drink to refresh your summer.

Do you want to bring the Neapolitan flavors and aromas with you? Are you looking for a handy and unique souvenir to share your travel experience with your friends? Let yourself be tempted by the authentic taste of our limoncello. The 100ml size, classy packed, enclose the traditions and the taste of the Neapolitan liquor in convenient packages, ideal for hand luggage.

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