Neapolitan cake with limoncello


Neapolitan cake with limoncello

Born in Poland and improved in France, the babà in the XIX century became the Neapolitan traditional sweet par excellence. Served with a sensitive rhum syrup, or stuffed for the sweetest tooth, its preparation, whose dough and leavening techniques are handed down in time or are jealously guarded in the most famous bakeries, is one of the culinary symbol of the city. We offer it in an elegant version, which allows you to taste the authentic Neapolitan flavor, wherever you are. Our babas, in tiny sizes and in their famous mushroom shape, are stored in an exquisite alcoholic infusion, and you can find them into three different tastes: limoncello, for those who wants to enjoy an intense and original baba; lemon cream, which enhances its finesse; and the classic rhum recipe. You will find them in the gift size (20cl) or in the big one (50cl), to tempt all your family and friends with this neapolitan exquisite delicacy. Be careful though: try it once and you’ll never go back!

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20 cl, 50 cl


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