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Chocolate with lemon rind


Tired of the ordinary chocolate? Limonè offers you new pleasure horizons. Our chocolate explores the meeting between lemon and cocoa in its most original variants: from the regular bar to the refined workmanship into chocolate beans, from the milk version – for the sweet tooth – to the zest one – for the dark chocolate lovers. In our shop, the chocolate blends with the unique taste of pistachio, with the orange or hazelnut one, with the cutting ginger aroma, or with the explosive chili flavor. And how can we forget one of our must, that mixes the buffalo milk to the lemon? It suits every palate, so that every chocolate-addicted will be satisfied!

5 out of 5

Lemon grappa


Single spirit in our production, mainly infused, the grappa with lemon zests is proposed as a top-quality product. Born from the Falanghina’s marcs distillation, it is embellished with an enveloping citrus aroma, by adding the organic lemon zests. It is available in the 50cl elegant size. Its preparation by distillation and its alcoholic temperature (40°) give it a dry and distinctive taste.